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Our Network

ACMC's healthcare network is a regional leader in West Central and Southwest Minnesota.


ACMC-Benson maintains one family medicine physician and two mid-level providers who serve Swift County-Benson Hospital, a 31-bed facility, and a 69-bed nursing home. They also ...more


ACMC-Granite Falls

ACMC-Granite Falls has three family medicine physicians, a nurse practitioner and a physician assistant. They serve the 25-bed Granite Falls Municipal Hospital and neighboring 57-bed ...more



ACMC-Hancock is staffed by a family medicine physician from the ACMC-Benson ...more



ACMC-Litchfield has two clinics which staff 16 multispecialty physicians and mid-level providers in the areas of family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, psychology and general surgery. ...more



ACMC-Marshall's healthcare team has 25 physicians and mid-level practitioners. The Main Clinic conveniently offers urgent care, family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, ob/gyn, general surgery, bariatrics ...more


ACMC-New London/Spicer

ACMC-New London/Spicer clinic includes four family medicine physicians, on-site optometry care, and a complete Eyes & Optical retail showroom with space for up ...more


ACMC-Redwood Falls

ACMC-Redwood Falls maintains a group of five family medicine physicians, two optometrists and five nurse practitioners. Our physicians serve the 25-bed Redwood Area Hospital ...more


ACMC-Willmar Main Clinic

The ACMC-Willmar Main Clinic is the hub of our 11-clinic system with more than 170 providers and over 35 specialty departments. ACMC physicians serve Rice ...more


ACMC-Willmar Skylark Center

The specialty departments located in the Skylark Center include physical therapy, bariatrics/weight control center, optometry, ophthalmology, optical retail, psychology, psychiatry, Willmar Diabetes Center ...more