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Medical Student Scholarship

The goal of this scholarship is to encourage medical students to practice in rural Minnesota communities after completion of their medical degree.

The scholarship(s) are presented annually to students attending an accredited medical program leading to a degree of medical doctor or doctor of osteopathy.

The next application cycle date to be determined.

Scholarship Renewal
The scholarship(s) are awarded on an annual basis only. Any student desiring to obtain further awards must reapply each subsequent year and be in good academic standing in an accredited program.

Questions, please contact:

Alissa Gallinger
Medical Student Coordinator & Recruitment
Email: Alissa.Gallinger@carrishealth.com
Phone: (320) 231-5052
ACMC Health
101 Willmar Avenue SW
Willmar, MN 56201

2017 Recipients

Name Medical School Hometown
Omar Adow University of Minnesota - Duluth Columbia Heights, MN
Gabriel Amon University of Minnesota Willmar, MN
Whitney Bertram University of Minnesota - Duluth Belgrade, MN
Kaitlyn Dorn University of South Dakota Litchfield, MN
Zachary Fredman University of Minnesota Litchfield, MN
Taylor Freetly University of Minnesota Kerkhoven, MN
Anna Fuglestad University of Minnesota Willmar, MN
Anne Gair University of Minnesota Willmar, MN
&Shannon Gerberding Rosalind Franklin University Chicago Spicer, MN
Allison Goldenstein A.T. Still University Willmar, MN
Mitchell Hagen University of Minnesota Sunburg, MN
Allison Kiernan University of Minnesota Buffalo, MN
Brooklyn Leitch University of Minnesota Willmar, MN
Matthew Molenaar Case Western Reserve University New London, MN
Seth Nelson University of Minnesota - Duluth Duluth, MN
James Obler A.T. Still University Marshall, MN
Emma Ostby University of Minnesota - Duluth Spicer, MN
Danica Seifert Creighton University of Medicine Willmar, MN
Allie Trudel University of North Dakota Granite Falls, MN