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Weight Loss Success Stories – Gene

Gene weighed in at 276 lbs. at 5'10" tall resulting in a BMI just below 40. With a family history of heart disease, Gene knew he needed to make a lifestyle change to reduce the risks that lie ahead of him. Six months after his weight loss surgery, Gene was down 76 lbs. and dropped 10 points off of his BMI!

"My confidence has increased across the board," Gene said. "At work or home and as a husband and father, the sense of confidence in my thoughts, decisions and actions has been a wonderful side effect of this process." Gene is also enjoying a more active lifestyle post-surgery, improving his ability to walk, run, jump and even bend without hindrance. He looks forward to playing tennis with his daughter this summer. "Weight loss and increasing activity has given me my breath back," Gene said. "I am still surprised when I realize how intense my activity can be and not have trouble catching my breath."

"I encourage anyone considering weight loss surgery to seek out good information, do your own research, surround yourself with good support and find a medical provider who will encourage you in treating this disease," Gene said. "Obesity is not caused by laziness, gluttony, or moral failure. Do not be shy or apologetic about dealing with this disease, you have to be your own advocate but you do not have to do it alone."